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About Vivitek
Vivitek is a leading manufacturer of visual display and presentation products. The company's extensive line-up of award-winning digital projection devices incorporates the latest innovations and technologies to deliver superior products. Vivitek has global sales and marketing operations in North America, Europe and Asia.

A commitment to deliver high-quality products to the market that meet customer demand, as well as provide a high-level of satisfaction and enjoyment.

Core Beliefs
From ecology-conscious design and manufacturing "green" projection products, Vivitek believes in the active responsibility in both its manufacturing and business processes and programs.
• Lead-free soldering on all parts, including circuit component electronics
• No halogenated flame-retardants in the cabinet
• Lead-free glass for lenses
• Recycled paper and minimal paper products for user's manuals and packing cartons
• Intelligent cooling systems to prevent excess power consumption

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